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 How do I contact Technical Support?
 If you have been unable to find the answer within the Knowledgebase and Troubleshooter, please contact technical support for further assistance. Please send an email to or click the option in the support center to
 How much do updates cost?
  Your Credenza subscription includes all updates. There is no additional cost to update to the latest version. Credenza will detect when a new version is available for update, and will prompt you do to so. If you decline, you will be prompted again t
 How much does support cost?
  Unlimited email technical support is included in your Credenza subscription. There is no additional cost to contact technical support. If you are looking for help with specific features, we recommend that you check out the Tutorial Videos (www.cre
 Where is my log file stored?
  The Credenza log file contains the details of any problems with your Credenza installation. In the event of a problem, it will be helpful for the Technical Support team to be able to review the log for specific error messages. Credenza includes an
 File / Project / Case /Matter / Other...
  Most professionals organize their work in files, with a separate file for each client or matter they are working on. Depending on your profession, you might refer to these files as projects, matters, clients, cases, briefs or something else. For the mos
 Laptop speeds
  Credenza performance may be impacted on a laptop running in a power save mode. We recommend that if you are using a laptop to make sure that when it is plugged in that it is not in power save mode. By definition, this will slow the machine down to sa
 Install error due to SQL
 Credenza failed to install because of a problem with Microsoft SQL Compact Edition. As a part of the installation process, Credenza will ensure that Microsoft SQL Compact Edition is installed. If it is not detected, then Credenza will automatically in
 Outlook does not respond when posting large numbers of time entries
 Outlook does not respond when posting large numbers of time entries If Outlook does not respond after posting a large number of time entries, do not force the program to close. This is normal. It can take up to 10 minutes to post dep
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