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Tax Insider: January 13th 2011.

Work better as a Team in Outlook

Like most accountants you probably use Microsoft® Outlook® in your office every day for your email and calendaring. But it could be so much more.

What if you could turn Outlook into a practice management tool designed with you the accountant in mind? With Credenza you can.

Credenza is an innovative product that runs as part of Outlook. It is designed for accountants and other professionals who need to organize their information around client files or projects. It provides much better organization for email, appointments, tasks, documents, notes, research, time and phone calls inside Outlook.

Put Credenza to work in your office

With Credenza you can organize all of your work in Outlook into client files, with a separate file for each client or project. So in your Outlook calendar you can see which file each of your appointments is on. The same goes for contacts, emails, tasks and notes. Plus if you bill for your time, you can track the time spent on each activity. Credenza also has a separate files module, so you can go to one place to see all of your Outlook information collected together by file. What's more, you can also track documents, notes of phone calls, research and any custom information by client file. All inside Outlook


Affordable multi-user practice management

Use Credenza by yourself, or multiply the benefits by collaborating with others. Credenza Teams allows firms of any size to work together, sharing information and collaborating. While keeping private what is personal. Credenza not only turns Outlook into a practice management tool, but a true multi-user one at that.

Credenza is a unique 'hybrid cloud' solution. The user interface is seamlessly embedded in Outlook. So it builds on the Outlook that you already know, and uses all the information you already have there. Like Outlook, it can be used whether online or off. At the same time the Team information is securely hosted in the cloud, so users can connect to and work with others anywhere in the world. Thus Credenza has the main advantages of a cloud application, and by leveraging Outlook, it provides far deeper functionality than any browser-based practice management tool ever could. The result is the best of both worlds.

How much does it cost?

Credenza is licensed by monthly subscription for $9.95 for single users, and $19.95 for Team members. You'll make that back many times over each month through improved efficiency and organization alone. Your subscription includes all updates and unlimited email technical support. You can relax knowing that you are always running the most up-to-date version. There's no obligation and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Take Credenza for a test drive

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