Improve your Outlook

Improve your Outlook


Credenza turns Outlook into a professional practice management tool


Credenza organizes your Outlook email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes according to your client files or projects.

Simply and easily.

More: it organizes your documents, phone calls, billable time, expenses, research and any other information you want to track in the same client files. All within your familiar Outlook.

The result? You can provide better client service, track more billable time and are much better organized. All of which helps you be more on top of your practice and sleep better at night.

Credenza does all of this for you for FREE!

Why is it free? Because we have so much confidence you will love Credenza, we believe that once you try it, you will want to do even more. And it can. Upgrading to Credenza Pro will turn it into a full firm-wide practice management solution, with collaboration tools, cloud document management, integrated billing and much more.

Credenza Pro costs just $24.95/user/month, with more features than most practice management systems that cost double or triple that amount.

Best of all, Credenza does all this in the Outlook you already know. It builds on everything you have in and know about Outlook.

You can depend on Credenza.

Practice Management Inside Outlook

“Credenza ... is uniquely impressive. If you want to take Outlook to the level of a professional practice management system, it’s the only way to go.”

Jared D. Correia, Law Practice Management Advisor, Massachusetts LOMAP
Law Practice Today – The webzine of the ABA Law Practice Management Section, March 2010.
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